Labour relations

Everyone has the right to fair labour practices. Humans in general have a need for justice when they feel that they have been wronged and this applies to all spheres of life where an injustice can appear. This, of course includes the labour market and even so because at work is where most people spend their day.

The impression from employers is that labour law only protects the employee, but this is not so. There are many measures written in legislation to protect the employer from the non – discipline of workers that may disturb the normal business of an employee, which is after all created to generate profit to the advantage of the employers and the employees alike.

At eManzini Staffing Solutions we know how vital labour relations is to your organizations productivity and in promoting harmonious working relations. That is why we have a team of highly trained specialists in labour law, industrial relations and human resources who will be able to assist you in all your labour matters.

The following are some of the labour relations matters we handle:

  • Representing the employers at the CCMA,
  • Initiating and Chairing of Internal Disciplinary and Appeal hearings,
  • Handling of Grievances and Union issues Facilitation of wage negotiations,
  • Policy Development Drafting and amending of employment contracts,
  • Drafting of performance management contracts,
  • Drafting of service level agreements RBO (Relationship by Objective),
  • Facilitations.

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